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04 October, 2023

Disaster struck Sikkim on 04 Oct when the glacial cloudburst triggered Flash floods devastated most of Sikkim.

1.  We have initiated Mapping of the disaster independently with our own personnel.

2.  Our team consisting of ex Armed Forces personnel and handpicked civilians are coordinating with industries  and networks pan-India  to mobilize resources for relief operations.

3.  We are setting up Operational bases in South & North Sikkim.

4. Specific Relief materials are still welcome as we still have need for various relief camps and villages spread across Sikkim.

5. To contribute Click on PayPal. To assist in other ways, email us at VISIONINDIA2032@GMAIL.COM


Sikkim is awash with floods and rising death tolls while thousands stranded from a glacial cloudburst on 04 Oct 2023.
As a Search & Rescue professional, I can’t simply watch these disasters on TV, so am headed to coordinate flood relief / search & rescue (in case needed, if at all) and Rebuilding operations through our network of committed people who are both civilian and Ex armed forces personnel.

~ Sensei Raj
Vision India 2032

  • Hillsides gouged out by the water, loose silt and landslides still happening from this fury unleashed by nature.
  • 33 bridges yet to be rebuilt that would take several months if not more.
  • Lives and livelihoods destroyed.
  • Surviving families living in shambles today.
  • The ground is sinking even now.
  • Access riddled with risk of sinking into the loose soil and or be crushed by the falling boulders from above.
  • Remnants of surviving villages survive on chopper and people who risk their lives daring the dangers carrying the ration on their head risking their lives.

The video shows how the expedition followed the same route used to assess the damage and immediate needs of survivors of the disaster.

As they walked through the entire territory, every step they took was fraught with the risk that the ground would disappear from under their feet.

There was a constant fear of disappearing into the wet mud, sometimes plunging 100 feet or more, engulfed in its viscous embrace.

The looming threat of truck-sized boulders added to the danger, making traveling through this disaster-stricken area a harrowing ordeal.

The apparent cracks resembling the aftermath of an earthquake are, in fact, a consequence of the retreating water’s powerful force, which pulled mud and everything in its path along with it.
The retreating water, driven by the sheer energy of its movement, left behind these deep and unsettling cracks in the landscape.

The relentless force of the water’s retreat resulted in these fractures, revealing the extent of the destruction it caused.
It’s a stark reminder of the devastation, as these cracks are a testament to the ferocity of the natural event that unfolded.
Additionally, the ongoing landslides in the area serve as a poignant reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by the affected region, as the environment continues to evolve in the wake of the disaster.

If any of you can coordinate any relief materials at all, do plz call me, DM me. I will be grateful for all your help + assistance.

After all this is our country. It doesn’t take much to be human – Be Human to our fellow human beings.
Even some of our Army personnel were washed away and lost lives.


130 meter concrete bridge broken in half and lost completely.