Juror: Global Changemaker Awards committee

Prof Iyer has Impacted generations via educating for entrepreneurship, project management, systems thinking, business systems design, knowledge management, and educational leadership.

He has held many key leadership positions, including leading Center for Scientific & Industrial Consultancy at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore to its greatest heights of success. Even more notable are the fruits of such leadership benefiting thousands of startups that have changed the fabric of our society and the quality of life.

Prof Iyer with a PhD in Systems Engineering has contributed for 43 years spanning many verticals including Project Management; Technology Management and Entrepreneurship; Management of Intellectual Property; Business Systems Analysis; and Knowledge Management. Since 2016, he is an Adjunct Professor at IIT-Kharagpur, and at the Defense Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune.

Dr. Iyer has published three books and presented over 48 papers in International and National Journals and Conferences; received several awards including the Silver Medal for General Proficiency from IIT Kharagpur; Harry G. and Harriett A. Wright Fellow of the University of Illinois; and the Escorts – ISAE Medal.

Dr. Iyer is not just an academic thought leader, but has trained various corporations, startups, served and still serves on the board of many companies, on the governing council of engineering colleges and a management institute. Dr. Iyer has been elected as an Honorary Life Member of the Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management (GIFT); Systems Society of India (SSI) and the Institution of Engineers (India).