Investor Relations & Communication

CMDE Balasubramaniam is the convergence of leadership, excellence, reliability and innovation honed by the rich traditions of the Indian Navy in diverse situations and major assignments be it in technical or in leadership positions, afloat or ashore. These spanned the realms of managing strategic projects, indigenization, production, industrial relations, human resource management spanning grooming, training and tailoring personnel to undertake critical tasks, concept designing and execution of mega projects, resource management, concept design of diverse applications in fields such as health care, aviation, organic farming, shipbuilding, ports, et al

Served as Director of KOMAC where he was a responsible team member for design assignments of Yards in India, Bangladesh, South Africa, Nigeria and Brazil. Also, served as Managing Director for Rajapur Shipyards and RBS Projects.

In the past as President of Pipayav shipyard (erstwhile Reliance), Cmde Bala led the shipyard to greater successes.